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Environmental Charter


At Powerling, we firmly believe that it is up to everyone to do his or her part to reduce the environmental footprint. 


We believe that firms must set an example, which is why we have taken aggressive steps to raise staff awareness, encourage responsible attitudes, and launch initiatives to achieve more eco-friendly practices at Powerling to help create a cleaner environment for all.

To that end, we have set up an environmental charter that aims to show that preserving the environment does not hamper business growth. On the contrary, it can be harnessed to generate growth by improving the corporate image and bringing everyone together to focus on the same values, including:


    • We use recycled paper.
    • We only print email when necessary.
    • We limit written correspondence and share data using USB memory sticks.
    • We print only on recycled paper.
    • We print all documents double-sided.
    • We print in black & white rather than color whenever possible.
    • We reuse paper that has been printed on one side only.
    • We use digital storage for all archives.
    • As necessary, we replace our light bulbs with low-consumption bulbs throughout our premises.
    • We switch off all equipment (desktop PCs, monitors, and any other electronic devices) during evenings and weekends.
    • We disable WIFI connections during evenings and weekends.
    • We do not use air-conditioning, and we heat to a maximum temperature of 19°C.

    We have eliminated water fountains and plastic cups, replacing them with jugs and glasses, and we only drink naturally filtered tap water.

    • We sort all our waste and each workstation has a recycling bin.
    • Our printer cartridges are recycled by a specialist
    • We recycle all office supplies.
    • We never dispose of electrical and electronic goods.
    • We use solar-powered calculators.
    • We do not use any disposable crockery or cutlery made of plastic or cardboard.
    • We choose all our cleaning agents based on their environmental footprint.
    • We prefer to travel on foot or by public transport.
    • We schedule meetings according to geographical zone.
    • We urge our partners to adopt environmental policies similar to ours.
    • We choose service providers and suppliers in light of their environmental efforts.
    • We strive to raise environmental awareness among our staff, service providers and suppliers.