Every day, thousands of pages are translated worldwide. Translation bridges cultural divides, preserves heritage, and enables global outreach.

Professional translation is a matter of understanding the meaning of a text in what is known as the “source” language and producing its equivalent in another language, known as the “target.”

In addition to their mastery of source languages, Powerling translators have well-rounded insights into the culture of the countries in which those languages are spoken. Plus, they have an excellent command of the target language—their native tongue—and specialized knowledge of the domain covered by the text to be translated.

Powerling employs translators with expertise in a range of fields so that each document’s specific meaning can be conveyed as accurately as possible. Despite their different professional backgrounds, all Powerling translators have a conscientious attitude and pay close attention to detail.

Featured Case Study

Sports Equipment Manufacturing Industry

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This case study summaries our partnership with a major sports equipment manufacturer. Since 2006, we have managed large translation and localization projects for them in 20 languages, in various fields and formats - while dramatically improving costs and quality. 

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    When writing copy, it is not only important to communicate the right meaning but also to convey the right tone and engage your target audience. Our copywriting services can produce or localize copy in another language for you. Our specialized translators keep in mind cultural response to various marketing techniques, as well as tone and terminology used in the target language when translating your copy.

    Good writing takes time and attention, both of which are often in short supply in busy organizations.

    Whether you have the skills but lack the hours to devote to written communication or lack confidence in your abilities, Powerling can help with an editing service to ensure clear communication in any language.

    As language specialists, we can improve your copy with regard to spelling, syntax, grammar, punctuation, or overall style, regardless of the language and subject area. We work directly with you to understand your needs and give you perfectly written text in a tone that suits your business.

    Having a good source text to translate from is just as important as having a good translation. Editing can be the solution to ensure your content will be of the highest quality before translating into all your languages of communication.  

    Your document is translated by a professional translator and then revised by a second translator with extensive knowledge on the subject. The reviser compares source and target files to make sure the document properly conveys the intended message in an appropriate style, without any flaws. 

    It takes a few sets of eyes to make sure a text is perfect. A proofreader looks at the translation without comparing it to the source text. If a text is ready to print, we offer a final check for typos.

    Through the use of our computer-assisted translation tools we are able to create terminology databases, allowing for faster and more consistent translation.

    This is extremely beneficial, especially in industries that require a large use of technical language.

    We have the ability to archive these term databases for future use, further speeding up the translation process for returning customers. This way we guarantee that properly translated terminology will be used each time we complete a project for you. The more internal matches there are in your documents, the more necessary it is to extract a terminology list. This process is launched before we start translating content, then validated terms are spread across the translation memory.

    Extracting a terminological list from your source documents will:

    • Optimize translators’ research time, and thus lead to quicker turnasround
    • Provide translators with a common basis to reduce terminological discrepancies
    • Limit the number of translators on one project, hence reducing terminological discrepancies
    • Validate technical terms beforehand with clients, and thus facilitate quality control after project delivery
    • Ensure cohesiveness and consistency in terminology translation


    Style guidelines help reinforce your company’s identity. They convey your desired image confidently through keywords, customized style, and attention-grabbing tag lines.

    These guidelines guarantee the standardization of all documents included in the project. In addition to setting standards for all professionals involved (writers, translators, proofreaders), it simplifies and speeds up the quality control phase. Just as the “terminology” step, we strongly recommend starting the project by setting clear style guidelines to spread out terminology and give the right instructions to all participants beforehand

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    Our automatic translation and post-editing service is a smart choice for affordable high-volume translations.

    Through the use of top-of-the-line machine translation technology, terminology dictionaries, and post-editing performed by our experienced translators, we are able to ensure a quick turnaround time and save money.