Beyond skills, Powerling is looking for people with passion. Customer satisfaction is what motivates the team and is at the center of everyone's priorities.

Being part of this international community means forming part of a melting pot of cultures, where tolerance and open-mindedness are essential for everyone.

At Powerling, success is achieved collectively rather than individually, and it is the motivation, enthusiasm, and initiative of each individual that drives the team forward.

Powerling will meet your expectations!

Working at Powerling means being part of a family of passionate collaborators who come to work with enthusiasm and the desire to make things happen. The flexibility of the structure and the attentiveness of the management team allow each employee to develop professionally in a personalized way and find their own particular place.

Powerling's various offices are located right downtown in their respective cities. At our headquarters in France, staff are given the opportunity to take relaxing breaks playing table tennis or foosball. All associates at that office have access to our expansive and fully equipped kitchen for preparing and enjoying meals. And with playing fields nearby, there's also the possibility of a pickup game with colleagues.

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NEWS : Powerling has recently acquired WCS group.

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