Creation of marketing content

Content is king! An effective approach to your content is indispensable for elevating your profile worldwide and maximizing customer acquisition in all targeted countries. You can rely on our experts in multilingual communication and digital marketing to help you conquer new markets through the power of content creation.


Communication with your customers and prospects is constant. From transactional and promotional emails to after-sales service responses, there's no shortage of scenarios for sharing a dialogue with your customers! We can help you write your correspondence and can then adapt it for multilingual communication.


Newsletters are a regular link between your business and your customers. According to your preferred schedule, we can write and prepare your international and local newsletters and keep your customers up to date on your latest news.

Social media content

Building a community around your brand is key to promoting your products and services and creating a special bond with your customers and prospects. To produce content that will engage your community internationally, you need an effective editorial approach for each target country. Our social network experts will help you write your posts in the languages and on the platforms of your choice!

Whitepapers and freebies

We support you in the internationalization of your approach to inbound marketing. We are committed to designing content that will resonate with your prospects and ramp up your approach to customer acquisition.

SEO strategy and article production

Your performance on the web depends in part on your targeted marketplaces and your ranking on search engines. Duplicating your initial SEO strategy rarely leads to top performance in online searches. Our experts will consult with you to develop customized, country-specific SEO strategies that will help your content rank higher.

A multilingual SEO strategy will enable you to:

  • Improve your ranking on search engines.
  • Exponentially increase your online visibility.
  • Get a clearer picture of online search habits in each target country.
  • Understand the positioning strategies of your competitors.

Visibility audit of your website

How well do you perform in targeted countries? Is your approach successful? Our experts will advise you and estimate the potential ROI from your SEO initiatives.

Study of online search habits

Keywords that perform well in one country may not necessarily perform well in another. When making a strategic selection of key terms, buying habits in each country must be carefully considered.

SEO optimization of your content

When it comes to your industry's technical terminology, you're the expert. But are you sure about which keywords your target audience typically uses to find you on Google? An SEO analysis can be an essential first step for increasing targeted traffic to your website.

Article writing for SEO

Once your SEO strategy for each targeted country has been fine tuned, our multilingual SEO writers can begin creating all the articles you'll need for the search queries where you want to appear.

Website and app localization

Localization carefully takes into account specific language usage and cultural norms in each targeted region. This gives you a more effective translation that will resonate perfectly with each culture. There are nearly five billion Internet users worldwide, so it's essential to properly adapt your website content and app content to each of your targeted countries. Why risk putting online a substandard translation that could easily be misunderstood?

Website localization

Any organization with a non-localized website runs the risk of missing out on a considerable amount of potential web traffic. Powerling is ready to help you localize your website content or e-commerce content by adapting all of its components to fit the behavior and expectations common to customers in your targeted countries. Reduce your time-to-market and increase your conversions with our localization expertise.

Software localization

If you have high-volume translation but are on a limited budget, our machine translation and post-editing service can be a smart alternative. With high-end machine translation tools, terminology dictionaries, and post-editing by our experienced translators, we can ensure quick turnarounds within your budget.

Our CMS connectors

One primary challenge when carrying out a translation project is to optimize the content flow. We strive to minimize copying and pasting steps so that you can save time and avoid potential mistakes. To make this happen, we can connect directly to your CMS and retrieve your content in just a few clicks.

  • Drupal connector
  • WordPress connector
  • Akeneo connector

Multilingual data collection

Chatbots, voice assistants, and all kinds of artificial intelligence tools form a part of our daily lives and present crucial developmental challenges for many tech and digital companies. Rising to meet the growing demand for information used for improving all types of artificial intelligence, Powerling has developed solid expertise in the collection of multilingual data. We have been particularly successfully at improving speech recognition on several voice collection projects involving script reading or scripted discussions. Supported by our dedicated data collection platform, our team of project managers can collect a large amount of multilingual data, all of which we will validate thoroughly according to your language or format requirements.

  • Selection according to preferred language, accent, etc.
  • Recording of original scripts or scenarios
  • Data verification and quality validation
  • Collection of video, images, and textual content in any language

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