Communicate your brand image across borders

Your brand strategy is critically important. It can be challenging to adapt it to new markets without betraying your DNA and core values. Let us help you rethink your branding strategy. We can adapt it to each culture so that it succeeds in every target country. Our multilingual communication experts will find the right words to transport your brand universe across borders and conquer new markets.

  • Adaptation of your branding strategy
  • Internationalization of your content strategy
  • Transcreation of your brand guides and brand platforms
  • Transcreation of your slogans


Make your voice heard around the world

In recent years, there has been an ever-increasing demand for audio content online. The best positioned brands fully understand this. Since audio messages come across in a more engaging, human, and authentic way, they can be highly effective for differentiating and reinforcing your brand image. This can be done through podcasts, audiobooks, voice messages, or commercials. Our team is committed to helping you broadcast your audio messages to your target listeners.

  • Translation and re-recording of various audio files, which can include notifications, podcasts, audiobooks, voice messages, etc.
  • Voice-overs
  • Dubbing and voice acting
  • Transcription of audio files


Expand your brand impact by broadcasting your videos worldwide

The power of video as a format is undisputed. Video streams represent more than half of all global web traffic as of 2022. Shouldn't the advantages offered by video transcend language barriers? Let our team of experts partner with you in the internationalization of all your video content.

  • Subtitling
  • Velotyping/speech to text
  • Voice-over and dubbing
  • Video transcription


Preserve the consistency of your visual identity in all your multilingual documents

Powerling doesn't stop at simply translating your content. Our DTP and graphic design department also delivers ready-to-use documents and graphic content that meet your requirements and follow your guidelines. You can count on our DTP experts to maintain the consistency of your visual identity while carefully preserving your original formatting and layout in all your textual and graphic content.

  • Layout in a variety of formats
  • Localization of images and diagrams
  • Graphic design


Our interpreters will make sure you're fully understood by everyone

Whether in-person at an event or assisting remotely, our interpreters work to ensure that everything is conducted as if everyone spoke the same language. Handling interpreting assignments throughout the year in fifteen different languages, Powerling has a great deal of experience in this area of service. You can count on the excellence of our interpreters, who have a minimum of five years of experience in their specialized field of activity and are fluent in their source and target languages. They are selected not only for their linguistic and cultural knowledge but also for their communication skills, which encompass their capacity for effective listening, understanding, and speaking.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Liaison, whispering, or chuchotage intepreting
Conference recording

Large international meetings sometimes call for an audio or video recording of the multilingual proceedings, along with transcription and translation. We can provide you with the technical and human resources needed for obtaining the recording, transcription, and translation you require, within your budget.

Equipment rental

Powerling is able to provide the necessary equipment in accordance with the nature and size of the event and the number of listeners. We select the most appropriate equipment for your event to ensure its success. This includes portable radio devices, infrared interpretation equipment for conferences, multimedia projectors, screens, audio systems, wireless microphones, LCD screens, video and audio recording equipment, and more.

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