About us

Founded in 1998 by Anette Van de Loo, Powerling is now one of the world's top 75 language service providers.

We advise, create, translate, localize, and integrate content in over 120 languages. We help you accelerate your international development and your digital transformation while preserving your brand image worldwide.

With offices in Lille, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Boston, we contribute to the growth of SMEs, ETIs, and the unicorns of tomorrow, as well as to the development of large groups worldwide.

We help ambitious companies expand internationally through an effective approach to multilingual content.

To be a key player in the area of multilingual content for growth champions who are disrupting and positively impacting their markets.


Anette van de Loo
co-founder of Powerling

Our history

"I speak five languages. One day, a friend asked me to take a look at a translation. I went through it, and honestly, I was shocked to see that the translation did not take into account the cultural aspects of the target language at all... I thought to myself, well, if it happens to one of my friends, it can happen to anyone!

I knew that I could make a difference by choosing the right words.

That's why I decided to create the company. I started at home, hiring a few translators, and as Powerling began to grow, I made sure that the company remained modern, efficient, and always able to provide our clients with accurate translations that respect the cultural context of the target language. My goal is still the same, which is to help businesses succeed by providing them with the best multilingual services possible."

Our values

We are fully committed to our clients and are always ready to listen and give our best to make each project a success. Keeping our word is essential for preserving the relationship of trust we share with our clients, our partners, and our employees.

"Make the world your playground" is one of our favorite mantras. At Powerling, we maintain a youthful spirit and put our inventiveness at the service of your brand, helping you make a splash worldwide. Always curious and looking for new adventures, we imagine innovative solutions to push the limits of what is possible.

We have always been a family business. That's why, despite our growth, we haven't forgotten the importance of cultivating a climate of caring, listening, and mutual support. Each team member is part of the Powerling family and evolves within a dynamic, stimulating, and cooperative environment.

For both our staff and the translators who partner with us, diversity is a valuable asset worth cultivating. The culture, experience, and sensibility of each participant enrich our shared experiences and allow us to produce truly authentic content that makes a difference in the world. We are proud of our talented team, whose members enjoy optimal working conditions, as outlined in our CSR commitments.

Since our founding in 1998, we have become one of the world's top 75 language service providers. But we're not going to stop there. We've made it this far as a result of hard work and excellent service, yet our aims go well beyond that. We're also dedicated to creating a fairer and more sustainable world. We've made many commitments in this direction as we await B Corp certification.

NEWS : Powerling has recently acquired WCS group.

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