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An In-House IT Team

Powerling has very quickly understood the interest of developing its own IT team, its own software, and computer tools to constantly adapt to market demands. Our developers are at your side to accompany you in all your technical projects and to integrate the best way in your environment.

An easy integration

We have developed many connectors (WordPress, Drupal, Akeno...) to facilitate and secure the transfer of your content and if it does not already exist, our developers will be able to set up a custom solution adapted to your tools.

Security and strict confidentiality

Total confidentiality of your content, thanks to the signing of NDAs with our linguists, a protocol for sending and receiving encrypted documents, and 100% of your documents being hosted on our internal servers.

Your brand awareness has no borders!

In order to make your brand image shine internationally, we support you in all your multilingual marketing content.

You master your business and your activity better than anyone else. When we talk about your product or service, we do so with passion and the right words. At Powerling, our team of branding experts immerses themselves in your world to make the right choices in each target language and enhance your brand image internationally.

A multilingual SEO strategy that boosts your visibility

Your performance on the web depends in part on your ranking on search engines and on certain marketplaces. Often, duplicating your initial SEO strategy is not enough to make you perform in the top searches. Our country experts will work with you, provide you with a customized SEO strategy, and help your articles rank higher.

A multilingual SEO strategy will enable you to :

  • improve your ranking on search engines
  • boost your online visibility
  • better understand the countries' search habits
  • understand your competitors' positioning strategy
Visibility audit of your website

How do you perform in a certain country? Is your strategy successful? Our experts will advise you and measure the potential ROI of your SEO actions.

Study of online search habits

The keywords that perform well are not necessarily the same from one country to another. It is strategic and essential to take an interest in the consumption habits of each country in order to adapt your positioning to the most suitable terms.

SEO optimization of your content

You are probably well versed in the technical terms of your sector. But do you know for sure which keywords your target audience uses spontaneously to find you on Google? An SEO analysis is essential if you want to stimulate traffic on your website in a clear and efficient way.

Writing of SEO articles

Once the SEO strategy is well defined by country, our multilingual SEO writers will be able to write as many articles as the search queries on which you wish to position yourself.

Your website is translated & localized in real-time

The localization of your website is essential to ensure your international development. However, updating a multilingual site can be a real challenge on a daily basis. To overcome this, Powerling connects directly to your CMS to gain efficiency and avoid time-consuming manual import/export steps. We are already compatible with the most popular CMS on the market (WordPress, Drupal...) but we can also connect to your own tools.

Your applications, tools, and software localized regardless of your technology

We can help you localize your media by supporting your native formats or by connecting directly to your development interface. If you already have a TMS (Translation Management System) solution integrated into your tools, we can easily connect to it. Powerling and Lokalise TMS already work together! Depending on your needs, we can also advise you on the most appropriate TMS solution for you and assist you with its configuration.

In order to offer the most relevant and adapted translation possible, we also offer to proofread in context the translations as your customers would see them.

For regular updates of your content, our linguistic tools quickly detect new content to be processed and avoid tedious reintegration steps or inappropriate costs.

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