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An available and responsive team

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. From the project manager to the translators to our graphic designers and marketing experts, we are a team with one goal in mind: to make your first meeting with your international clients a success!

Branding that travels across borders

Your brand, your image, and your values are the pillars of your strategy and strong adhesion factors in the choice of your customers. We respect your guidelines and work with country specialists to choose the right words to convey your messages.

Multilingual product descriptions that convert to sales

Product data can make a sale. Available, complete, qualitative... We leave nothing to chance and we translate your product data in a fast and homogeneous way reducing your time to market, even on large volumes.

Ready-to-use files thanks to our graphic studio

During the translation of brochures, catalogs, or files with specific layouts, the project manager may be confronted with aesthetic issues: translated text that is longer than the source, unsupported fonts, or characters, images or graphics containing uneditable text, etc...

Our graphic design studio specializing in localization offers a wide range of DTP services DTP services regardless of the language. The layout is done directly in the source file in order to deliver a file that is ready to be distributed or printed.

Your content is available in one click thanks to the integration with your tools

In order to optimize your workflow and facilitate the update of your content, we offer to connect directly to your PIM or CMS tools. We are already compatible with the most popular CMS on the market (WordPress, Drupal...) but we can also connect to your own tools.

Thanks to multiple partnerships and our internal team of developers, we work together to facilitate your processes and your content flows. No more copy and paste, we connect to your tools to gain efficiency and traceability!

Optimized projects and a controlled budget thanks to translation memory

Product descriptions and instructions are among the most repetitive content. In order to optimize your time and budget, we offer you a system for recording your past translations in the form of databases; this is the translation memory. This way, only your new content will be identified and translated, the rest will simply be reused and terminological consistency will be ensured.

Another way to optimize is to create templates. Our team of editors can create fixed content models for your product descriptions that can be easily reused for other projects.

Marketing content that boosts your international sales

Conveying your messages in a striking manner and being faithful to your brand image is a challenge that our marketing experts will take pleasure in tackling.

A badly written or confused message can have damaging consequences on your reputation. To avoid bad buzz, we help you choose the right words to broadcast a clear message adapted to your target. Our team of communication experts will be able to redouble their creativity to arouse the interest of consumers and thus enable you to boost your sales.

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