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A sharp expertise of the manufacturing world

Powerling works with many small and medium-sized clients on a daily basis and has adapted its processes to the requirements of the manufacturing world. We only use native translators who are professionals and specialists in your sector of activity. Familiar with your types of content, they ensure the consistency of your documents, no matter how technical, on all your international markets.

An exemplary speed of execution

International projects don't wait. Our teams know how to manage translations of several thousand pages in a very short time. The standard turnaround time for technical translations is approximately 1,600 words per day, compared to 7,000 words for proofreading. However, to meet your more urgent requirements, we put several teams of translators on the same project, while ensuring terminological consistency.

An optimized budget that capitalizes on your existing content

Technical content is usually repetitive. Your user manuals will most likely contain parts that are reused from one version to the next, as will your manuals and specification sheets, which will have repetitive references from one version or product to the next. At Powerling, we identify the new content to be translated and offer you the translations we have done in the past.

Terminology that meets your industry's needs

We know how specific your business is and how important your content is to your positioning and your expertise.

Together, and thanks to our Computer Assisted Translation tool, we create and validate terminology bases before launching any text translation, which guarantees the consistency of your company's terms for each project.

By combining the linguistic expertise of our professional and native translators with the business expertise of our industry experts, we ensure optimal quality and guarantee your expertise internationally!

A dedicated team & a tailor-made translation process

The project managers, translators, and proofreaders with whom we collaborate are selected according to their linguistic skills but also according to their expertise in the technical field: aeronautics, civil engineering, environment, agri-food, chemistry, automotive, industrial machinery, etc.

Our methodology guarantees impeccable quality:

  • Your dedicated project manager first analyzes your file to identify your technical and human needs
  • Native translators specialized in your industry are selected from our network
  • A steering committee is organized, supervised by an industry specialist, to anticipate and establish all the steps necessary for the smooth translation of your technical documents.
  • A multilingual technical glossary is co-created with your teams
  • Your most complex content is reviewed by your local teams on Powerling Review
  • Feedback is shared with the project manager to adapt content to your needs

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