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Medical device regulation: all you need to know

The European Union Medical Device Regulation 2017/45, also called the EU MDR, will require stakeholders in the health sector to translate their medical content in order to sell their products in Europe.

What are the Top Risks Of Medical Translation

Medical translation services do not only translate, but they also interpret from one language into another. Accuracy and efficiency in this field have to be guaranteed. There is zero tolerance for mistakes when it comes to the medical field.

5 Things to Know About Website Localization

For many business owners, expanding their reach overseas is their dream. To make sure your new customers can relate to your site, consider these important priorities about website localization.

EU-MDR: Deadline and Requirments

The EU’s Medical Device Regulations (MDR) will require that medical device content be translated into the official language of each EU member state where the product is marketed (up to 24 official languages for products marketed throughout the European Union).

Powerling holds conference on UX optimization

Powerling is one of the 2019 partners of the fifth Nord Conversion Day (NCD19). This one-day conference series is dedicated to user experience and e-business and will take place in Lille, France on April 4th. It will be held in Europe's largest start-up incubator, EuraTechnologies.

Saving the world’s disappearing languages: the race against the time

When the last speakers of an indigenous language die, the history, customs and a unique perception of the world die, too.That's why the UN General Assembly has proclaimed 2019 as International Year of Indigenous Languages (IY2019). The purpose of the initiative is to draw attention to the need to protect and promote indigenous languages and to highlight their importance for the social, economic and political development of societies.

Red envelopes and the late pig

This February 5th starts the 4,717th year of the Chinese calendar. This is the year of the Pig, and in Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth!
Their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune.

Thanksgiving, your way!

As Americans gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, let's find out what the origins of this festival are.
Powerling rewarded !

Pierrick Mathieu, CEO, was awarded during the Ernst & Young ceremony "Entrepreneur of the year".

Non-stop focus while floundering in the Atlantic

When sailing a Vendée Globe, weather conditions, sleep deprivation, isolation, as well as physical and emotional fatigue are certainties. Rich combats this with hardened instinct, sharpened through his experience. Powerling can relate to this, as non-stop focus has been an essential requirement in order to deliver consistent results and remain agile and adaptable when confronted with challenges. One of these has been the daily translations of ship logs and newsletters during the race, where speed and quality are of equal importance.

Heading South

The equator has been crossed by most of the skippers and the leaders are choosing their route in the Southern Hemisphere. Saint Helena, a highly volcanic island in the South Atlantic, famous for being the last home of Napoleon, is also well known because of the high pressure area that is associated with the island, which controls the weather from Africa to South America.

Thunderstorms ahead – sailing for a greater understanding

We are now five days further in the race and Rich has just passed the island of Madeira. With the Great American IV he has so far covered 234 nautical miles or 433 kilometres. He has already faced quite some challenges and there is no doubt there are more ahead. The skippers can look forward to faster speeds in the Southern Ocean, even though incredible speeds have been achieved already in the trade winds – a clear acceleration – since passing Madeira.

Powerling participating in the 2016 Vendée Globe

Preparations started already a long time ago and the start of the race is coming closer and closer. Just a few more days ahead.

Besides undertaking many other efforts, Powerling has dedicated a special room to this project in order to support one of its participants more effectively. What on earth is going on?

Curious Easter Traditions

On Easter, Christians from all parts of the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In addition to attending the traditional church mass, some people also follow local Easter traditions. The Easter Bunny and chocolate eggs are recognized worldwide but there are some intriguing rituals that remain vastly unknown.

Chinese New Year Celebrations: Welcome to the Year of the Monkey

China is the country with the largest population in the world, which means that over 1.376 billion people will celebrate the beginning of the Year of the Monkey. People in many other parts of the world will also join the festivities. Although it’s a traditional Chinese feast, Chinese New Year has become a multicultural event featuring grandiose celebrations around the world. 

Making it Personal

As a business owner or employee, particularly if you sell to customers who speak many different languages and come from different cultural backgrounds, you know that localization and translation are key parts of your sales and marketing strategy. In addition to thinking about localizing your customer marketing and communications, have you thought about how to personalize it? 

Best Practices for Localizing Your Content to China

If you are planning to do business in China, localizing content is a necessity. You will definitely want to put your best foot forward. Similarly to doing business in any location, building relationships is key to your success. At the heart of building those solid relationships is effective communication. In short, it is essential that your messaging is clear and direct. Don’t let the language be a barrier in effectively getting business done in China.

The Keys to Creating Multilingual Websites to Grow Your Business

What are the advantages of multilingual websites? On a most basic level, they increase a website’s audience. But, multilingual website implementation is not just a matter of translating content. There are a number of challenging issues that must be considered and can be overcome.

Style Guides for Translations

A client style guide for translators can help to improve quality, increase efficiency, and save time and money. Why should you consider creating a style guide? What are some of the things that you should include in this style guide to help the translator?

Obama and his anger translator

Objectivity and neutrality are among the most essential elements of a quality translation along with the many quality criteria that must be met. Last week, at the White House Correspondents Dinner, while Barack Obama delivered his speech, an " angry translator " gave his opinion on what the President was saying.

Imagine Boston's transportation future

The city of Boston, home of Powerling in the US, is currently running a remarkeable initiative called Go Boston 2030. The idea is that - using data generated by an inclusive public engagement process - we can define transformative policies that will, through a better transportation system: 1) provide equal access to transportation, 2) reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and 3) foster dynamic industries and revatilize neighborhoods. Powerling is lucky to participate by providing language services to the intitiative. 

How You Can Help to Produce the Best Possible Translation

You have a set of documents you need translated, you gather them up, email them to the translation agency, and request delivery by Monday. Now it’s time to sit back and wait for the translation to come in, right? Not so fast. When working with language professionals, you can do several things before and during the translation process to ensure you get the end product you need.


Honing the Craft: Polish Your Translations like a Monolingual Editor

Rely on your native mastery to achieve a final product that reads not as a translation, but as an original work, and your clients will thank you for it. One very important and often underrated step of the translation process is polishing the language of the translated text prior to delivery. 

Man vs. Machine

Which source is best for your translations?

Machine translation, or MT, has its place in international business. If cost is more important than quality on a project, and the main goal is understanding the gist of a document, then MT may be the right choice. Translation done automatically by a computer program comes in two main varieties: free, online translators such as Google Translate or Microsoft Translator, and customized machine translation engines. This post applies mainly to the former type.

To get a good-quality translation that reads like an original document and produces the same impact as the original, the savvy company will hire a human translator. 

Transcreation: a strategy for a global brand marketing

You’ve heard about transcreation but only have a vague idea about it. You wonder about: how does transcreation differ from translation; who is capable of carrying it out; and why is this not called localization?

Powerling Obtains New Quality Certifications

These international standards assure customer satisfaction and consistency among offices for the global company.

Now, reaffirming its standing as a provider of quality services, the company has successfully renewed its ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 certifications through KIWA. 

3 questions to Sebastien Chochois - Sales Director at Powerling

Boasting 12 years' experience in the translation business as a sales officer and agency manager, Sébastien Chochois is now at the helm of the European Sales Department, monitoring key accounts and sales development strategy. He took a few minutes to answer 3 questions on the state of our industry.

In Focus: Formatting the Date

A common source of errors when translating or writing in English: the date! Of course everybody learns this in their first year of English lessons, don’t they? But they mostly only remember that it’s rather complicated. Most English teachers don’t even get round to pointing out that English and American usage differs. Some of their students only find out the difference when it’s too late: when they think they bought a ticket for 6 July and it turns out that it was actually for 7 June. Sometimes it pays to book last-minute.

Reach More Consumers with ONE Important Change

Did you know that 90% of the most economically active people online speak 13 different languages*? In order to reach these global consumers, businesses employ website localization.

Is Global expansion still an option?

It’s come to no surprise that bilingualism is destined to rise, especially in the world of business. As global expansion becomes more of a necessity than an option, international companies will continue to seek out individuals who know how to speak more than one language in order to open, expand, and conduct research opportunities within other countries.

Q&A with Powerling's longest-standing employee: Jeannette Bakker

If the need for translation has always existed then it’s only been a few decades that companies have started to spread all over the world. Their main goal is to reach as many people as possible located in as many countries as possible, hence the need for translators. Since the rise of the Internet, such companies might have made wrong choices by translating on their own. So why is it better to trust a company like Powerling, with an experienced team?

A big jump for translation

For the first time, the translation of a dolphin whistle was performed, thanks to the research work of American biologist Denise Herzing, director of the Wild Dolphin Project.

Powerling runs the Paris Marathon

On Sunday, April 6, 2014 was the 38th edition of the Paris Marathon (France).

Some of our employees joined the 46,000 participants in their running the 26 miles of this legendary race.