IT & Marketing Industry


We go beyond a direct translation to make sure your work delivers the proper impact in the target market.

Your content can either be adapted, or completely rewritten in the local language to reflect the original message. The result is often a mix of this, including new content, adapted content and imagery, and direct translation.

Reproducing your documents layout

When translating a brochure or other designed documents, you can encounter many problems such as text expansion, non supported fonts, images or graphics with text, etc.

Our in-house localization engineers offer multilingual 'desktop publishing'. We work directly in your source document (i.e. InDesign) and adjust the layout to the target language so we can deliver you with final print ready files.

Real time website translation

Website localization is a primary tool for business expansion. However many e-commerce find it challenging to maintain multilingual content on their websites in real-time.

Powerling developed an XML format to help simplify matters. It is a real-time translation automation tool!

Marketing and Communication

Translating marketing documents can be a tough challenge for any firm, whether for internal or external use.

Powerling works with clients to ensure that internal messaging, knowledge sharing, and general communication are clear and actionable, helping the entire organization operate consistently across geographical boundaries. Poorly drafted or muddled messages can hamper your firm's reputation, leading customers to believe that the products or services themselves may be just as poorly crafted.

Powerling helps clients deliver clear and succinct messages to customers and prospects. By sparking - and holding - customer interest through cohesive, professional marketing efforts, you are far more likely to see an uptick in sales and new business.


A properly translated website is a must for all organizations seeking to expand abroad into new markets.

By featuring up-to-date information about the company and its products, services, pricing models, and more, the site should provide current and prospective customers with answers to all the questions they might ask. Choosing to provide website content in several languages is not merely a courtesy or mark of respect to site visitors; it can significantly increase your competitive edge over other market players.

To help you be truly successful in reaching a global audience through your website, you can work with Powerling to:

  • Translate all the documents to be incorporated into the website (formats such as .txt, .doc, .rtf, and .xls)
  • Translate using the source files between tags (formats such as .asp, .html, .php, and .xml)

With either choice you will be taking the right steps to broaden your market opportunity and promote your organization's professional image.

Marketing and Web Language Expertize

In addition to our in-house translators, Powerling maintains a network of more than 600 professional translators with solid backgrounds in the marketing and web communication.

Our language specialists:

Our specialist translators only work into their native language
We have standardized recruitment process for translators and proofreaders
The Project Manager = your language go-to person

Quality Control:

Regular testing and ranking of our translators
Your satisfaction is assessed by a questionnaire
Requests for changes dealt with in under 48 hrs

Technological Lead:

Exclusive partnership with Déjà Vu software (ranking second globally)
Terminology management system
Integration in all formats for publishing and printing (desktop publishing)

XML format

Maintaining a localized commercial website is not as complicated as you might think. However, keeping a multilingual website fully updated in real time can be far more challenging.

Powerling can help. We use XML format to help simplify matters. With it, your content management system can send content that needs to be translated — product fact sheets, web pages, etc. — straight to our server. Our selected translators receive instant notification of your request and perform the translation online. Once they have finished, the translations are automatically sent to your database for publication.

Urgent and Large-Scale Translations

As a global resource, Powerling is available 24/7, year-round, we understand the importance of deadlines.

Our international presence means we can quickly process your documents, freeing you to concentrate on your core business. We also know how to deliver when clients have a pressing need for lengthy translated documents. Powerling has translated several thousand pages into multiple languages within extremely aggressive timelines. We carefully divide the project among teams of expert translators who work simultaneously in order to shorten the turnaround time while maintaining consistency throughout the document.


    Website, Product fact sheets, General Terms of Sale 1,100,000 words in 10 languages