Consulting & Auditing

Our expertise in monitoring and business consulting

Powerling’s auditing and consulting process involves an expert review by an impartial language engineer. First, the engineer determines the level of compliance with standards of the organization along with its current content management/translation procedures. Next, the engineer then recommends areas of improvement.

Our audits include a review of established and current practices, existing information flow, current and future needs, translation databases, archives, terminology, and the budget allocated by the various departments, channels, and suppliers.

Powerling auditors follow International Organization for Standardization (ISO) processes and adhere to key points of the Bureau Veritas-CERTITRAD standard, conducting each audit systematically. Our auditors keep thorough records to determine to what extent the organization meets the standard requirements in all relevant fields. Powerling auditors detect any inconsistencies in the businesses they examine. In addition to areas of non-compliance (according to auditing standards), they identify potential weaknesses and areas of improvement.

Auditing entails close examination and inquiry of everyone involved to gain and share insights into the system already in place or to be implemented. Above all, Powerling audits serve as a valuable tool for ongoing improvement, critical to the success of an organization.

Our auditors:
  • Determine compliance of the elements in a given system
  • Assess aptitude to implement actions to reach objectives
  • Provide recommendations for improving systems and making them more effective