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Atril Solutions and Powerling Partnership

Powerling is an exclusive partner of software developer ATRIL, because we consider its Déjà Vu CAT system the best on the market today.

Atril solutionsWith the dawn of the IT and Internet age, the translator’s task has changed considerably, thanks in large part to the many computer-assisted translation (CAT)* tools now available.

*CAT is not automatic translation.

Déjà VuThe Déjà Vu programs have advanced features that enhance efficiency. Our translators take advantage of both Déjà Vu X3 and Déjà Vu TEAMserver to boost overall productivity in putting together client documents.

The Déjà Vu tools use translation language databases, which store the translator’s work on an ongoing basis for future use and reference. These databases store the work in language pairs (known as translation units). The more units a database contains, the faster future documents for the same clients can be translated, making it possible for our translators to significantly increase their productivity so clients can benefit from shorter turnaround times.