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How termbases can optimize your translations

The performance of your translation teams often depends on the effective and efficient use of tools and techniques that optimize your translations. In this article, we'll focus on termbase and the advantages of good terminology management.

What is a termbase? Not sure how to use one effectively to boost the efficacy and quality of your translations? We'll explain it all in this article!

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What is a termbase ?

Similar to a glossary, a termbase is an extremely useful document. Its purpose is to provide additional information and references to the translator team working on your project.

In particular, a termbase will centralize all your linguistic preferences in one place that translators can easily refer to. So, when putting together your termbase, you need to identify your preferences for the translation of:

  • Technical terms associated with your sector;
  • Business terms which you regularly use internally, such as product names.

How and why you should use a termbase for a translation project

By taking the time to put together your own termbase in order to provide your linguist team with this helpful document, you'll be giving your translators the keys needed to better understand the environment you're working in and to deliver translated texts that you can readily deploy.

So, in concrete terms, how does this come into play for your translation projects?

Increased translation efficacy

Thanks to termbases, translators will be able to accurately and effectively use terms that align with your existing content, which is particularly useful when the terminology is technical. Even internationally, your messaging will remain true to your brand, staying professional and consistent.

This is exactly why it's particularly worth your while to entrust your projects to a translation partner that specializes in specific business units. Here at Powerling, we have resources covering a plethora of specialties, built up and enriched over our 20+ years of experience. We have linguists specializing in the Medical, Legal, Industry, Retail and Services fields, among many more.

An optimized translation process

By using the termbases, translators will have an advance insight into how to translate the most complex and/or technical terms in your texts.

Plus, thanks to more than 25 years of experience, we boast the particular advantage of a database featuring an exceptionally high number of terms specific to your business sector, and this database grows by the day with every project that we deliver.

Need an example? Our medical termbase currently comprises no fewer than 3,000 technical terms associated with this field. An asset that speeds up and optimizes your translation projects!

Using a termbase is one of the many ways that you can optimize your translations .

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