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Is Global expansion still an option?

It’s come to no surprise that bilingualism is destined to rise, especially in the world of business.


As global expansion becomes more of a necessity than an option, international companies will continue to seek out individuals who know how to speak more than one language in order to open, expand, and conduct research opportunities within other countries.



However, knowing how to speak a different language is one thing; knowing how to connect with members of a completely different culture is another matter.


As you can see in the infographic, following the path to multilingualism can open up many new doors for a business.

Transforming a business into one that is multilingual is one of the quickest ways to establish your brand in different countries.


As one of the most difficult barriers to overcome in business is the issue of language, it makes sense to jump that hurdle as soon as possible so that your business can get stay one step ahead of the competition.

But because having a full staff of multilingual employees is not always realistic, many companies turn to professional translation services as a solution.

Diversity is highly valued in the business world today, and as the years continue to pass by, bilingual and bicultural are likely going to be two prerequisites for not only international companies, but individual job seekers as well. When it comes to growing into a successful business owner, having an improved decision-making ability, increased concentration, and improved ability to filter data all play a very important role, which can also all be heightened as a result of being multilingual.


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- Article and Infographic by Mark Kirkpatrick

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