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Powerling holds conference on UX optimization

Many studies have shown that the smoother the navigation on a website or application, the better the performance of the e-commerce platform.
Among the comfort criteria often voted for by digital commerce users is the possibility of browsing in their own language, on a site that corresponds to their culture and purchasing habits.
It was therefore only natural that Powerling agreed on joining the pool of experts invited to tell about their input in the field of UX (user experience) at the NCD19.

No "blah, blah, blah, blah"

Organized by the digital ergonomics agency Wexperience - whose motto is "We make your users happy" - the NCD is aimed at digital project managers, marketing managers or e-commerce managers of large groups, start-ups or SMEs. But also to their employees, who have to cope on a daily basis with UX issues. The event’s goal is to "introduce them to companies that can bring them new ideas and new ways of working".
Based on the idea of sharing knowledge and best practices, NCD's conferences and workshops are designed to be "no commercial talk" and based on authentic customer experiences. "Real" customers will attend the conferences and visitors will be able to discuss with them the UX issues they have encountered, and the solutions implemented.

Multilingual strategy on the Web

Powerling will therefore hold one of the 16 conferences of the day, on the theme "How to sell beer to Belgians when you are French? ». In duo with Nicholas Hillary, "Mister Localization" for the beer sales website Saveur Bière, our specialist Valentine Antoine will highlight the UX challenges of multilingual versions of a website. Which languages are to be preferred? How to make sure the delivered message is relevant in each target country? How to optimize a new product’s time-to-market or the security of content transfers and processing?  All these topics will be put on the table.
Several hundred participants representing some of the companies most involved in digital commerce, from large multinational groups to the most innovative start-ups, are expected.

The event, in French, is accessible by registration, free, fun, friendly... And serious!