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Powerling is now a Certified B Corporation

We are excited to share that we have taken a significant stride in our journey towards sustainability, transparency, and social responsibility: we have officially achieved B Corp certification.

This milestone reinforces our position as a dedicated player in the multilingual content management industry, driven by our mission to leverage our business as a catalyst for positive change – change that is inclusive, equitable, and regenerative.

As a multilingual digital agency, we recognize the utmost importance of diversity, inclusion, and fairness in our work. This certification further underscores our ongoing commitment to embedding sustainable and responsible practices into every aspect of our operations. Our endeavors encompass reducing our environmental footprint, upholding ethical business conduct, supporting social causes, and fostering an inclusive company culture.

We take immense pride in being part of the global community of certified B Corps. Together, we form a collective force, offering invaluable opportunities to exchange insights, share best practices, and collaborate on addressing the pressing global challenges of our time.

Obtaining the B Corp certification marks a new chapter for Powerling, and our drive for progress remains unwavering. We will continue to enhance our commitments and work diligently to forge ahead as a more responsible and sustainable company. Our determination to generate a positive impact on society and the environment remains steadfast.

Join us on this transformative journey as we strive to create a better future and contribute to a more inclusive world for all. Together, we can make a difference, one step at a time. Be a part of our evolution as a certified B Corp multilingual content management agency!

"Our desire to translate our CSR commitments into a recognized label like B Corp was born over 2 years ago. Becoming compliant and obtaining certification was a real challenge that mobilized several teams over many months and made us aware of many aspects. Now, a new chapter has begun, and we remain determined to constantly improve our BIA score." Maxime Juster, Sustainable Transition Officer of Powerling

About Powerling

As a leading multilingual digital content agency, we understand the immense potential for growth that arises from international expansion. At Powerling, we empower our clients and partners to conquer new global markets. Through comprehensive analysis, creation, transformation, optimization, and integration of multilingual content tailored to our clients' unique brand identity, we drive their success.

With offices in Lille, Amsterdam, Boston, and Atlanta, the Powerling teams actively contribute to the growth of future unicorns and support established companies in their overseas endeavors. Our strategies are designed to align with our clients' goals, effectively assisting them in reaching and engaging relevant customers worldwide.

About B Corp

B Corp represents a global movement of companies committed to integrating responsible and sustainable business practices. Companies that obtain B Corp certification have demonstrated their dedication to meeting rigorous criteria that evaluate their impact on social, environmental, and governance aspects. These businesses strive for a balanced approach, generating profits while creating added value for employees, society, and the environment

NEWS : Powerling has recently acquired WCS group.

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