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Powerling offers 300 trees to make for a greener 2019

By acquiring 300 trees from Reforest'Action for reforestation, Powerling is dedicated to improving its carbon footprint, helping biodiversity, contributing to the creation of jobs, and to the production of oxygen.

Today, it is no longer only about limiting the harmful effects that result from our daily actions. When it comes to improving the environment we can be careful not to overuse our work equipment, to recycle it, and we can even think of energy saving methods when designing work spaces. However, we also want to participate actively, at our own level.

As firm believers in this cause, we have decided to get our clients involved in the action, by giving them trees that can be planted at the location of their choice. Our goal: 300 trees planted together by the end of June 2019!

Follow the project on our web page.

NEWS : Powerling has recently acquired WCS group.

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