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Powerling proud to be part of the renovation of Notre-Dame de Paris

On April 15, the images of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral in flames captured the entire world.
Faced with the challenge of rebuilding this jewel of the world's architectural heritage, Powerling, like so many others, offered its help.
The Fondation Notre-Dame, which is responsible for collecting donations from individuals, companies and administrations from all over the world to help with the project, called on Powerling to translate its communication into English.
Our teams therefore worked for free to distribute to foreign donors a step update on the donations already received by the Fondation Notre Dame following the fire in the cathedral. Donors are informed that €38 million in donations have been collected to so far from 42,000 individuals and 60 French and foreign companies and public authorities. The publication of this news allows donors to know the state of diagnostic operations and the upcoming deadlines for the renovation work on the damaged cathedral.
 "Thank you very much for the speed of your intervention. The press release was sent under excellent conditions. I had an effective dialogue with your collaborator on a nuance of the text that he could not know. The text suited us perfectly," said the representative of the Diocese of Paris after receiving our translation. These thanks are the pride of Powerling and reinforce the entire team's commitment to unifying projects.

NEWS : Powerling has recently acquired WCS group.

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