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The Netherlands win Powerling’s pitch contest

Under the leadership of the co-CEO and Sales Director of Powerling Anette van de Loo, all our sales representatives competed in a "pitch contest".
The principle: Which team member offers the best oral commercial presentation of Powerling services?
"I wanted us to renew our presentation speech," says Anette van de Loo. "Indeed, Powerling has been in business for more than thirty years, and our services have evolved considerably in recent years. The discourse that introduces our society must change with it.
Gathered in our offices in Lille, the sales representatives of the French, Dutch and American teams each presented their pitch to all the employees present.
Powerling's main assets were reviewed: creation of integrated technical solutions, tailor-made services, quality of customer relations, expertise and advice...
And it was Pim Boesveld, representative of the Dutch team, who won the competition, with the slogan: "At Powerling, we connect; we connect you with your customers; we connect with you; and we even connect to your CMS".
This friendly exercise allowed the sales representatives to compare their visions of the company and boost their creativity. While offering the prospect of further improving our connection with our partners.

NEWS : Powerling has recently acquired WCS group.

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