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Who We Are

Powerling is a woman-owned business founded in 1983 that is today established as a trusted, versatile, and comprehensive language service provider. Specializing in the sectors of life sciences, law & finance, IT & marketing, and manufacturing & distribution, we provide solutions in over 75 languages. Our aim is to deliver excellent translations and enjoyable experiences to our clients every time.


Powerling has developed into four offices in three continents. We have fourteen in-house translators as well as 1,600 translators specialized in technical domains ready to take on your project. Together, they translated over 440,000 pages in 2015. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology by investing $135K per year in research and development to make sure our work is of the highest quality.

    Our Product Mission drives us to provide our clients with excellent solutions through our flexibility and comprehensive language services. Our core business is translation, and we are committed to providing our clients with the best high-quality translation every time.

    Our Economic Mission leads us to create translation jobs worldwide and keeps our business running smoothly. We support our company’s financial growth and global expansion, and invest in technology to keep our company up-to-date and efficient.

    Our Social Mission focuses on our own ecosystem, ensuring employee fulfillment and growth, work-life balance, and cross-cultural communication. Powerling is committed to supporting a diverse team, cultivating collaboration across countries and continents, bringing cultures together, just like we do for our clients.

A friend once asked me to take a look at a translation he had ordered, because I speak five languages. I checked it over and was honestly shocked to see that it didn’t take into account the cultural aspects of the target language. Wow, I thought, if this happened to my friend, it could happen to anyone!

I knew I could make a difference with just the right choice of words, so I created the company. I started at home, hired some translators. As Powerling grew, I made sure the company stayed modern, efficient, and always provided our clients with accurate translations that complied with the cultural framework of the target language. That has been the goal all along: help businesses succeed by providing them with the best possible translations.”