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Code of Ethics


Powerling employs staff with expertise in various lines of business to serve our clients with the highest possible level of service. 


Because of the nature of our work, our staff may interact with various suppliers and partners and may have access to sensitive and even confidential information. Our professionalism ties in directly to our values as a company, which is why we created a code of ethics that each Powerling employee, partner, and supplier must adhere to.


Key elements of our Code of Ethics include:


    Powerling undertakes to not divulge information, in whatever form. We are bound to maintain professional secrecy in accordance with the law.

    All members of staff, vendors, translators, interpreters, graphic artists, and engineers aim to provide a top quality level in line with their skills regarding the tasks assigned.

    Powerling translators, interpreters, and graphic artists must discuss any issues that arise. They must also balance faithfulness to original sources and appropriate use of target language and style, while still taking into account context, source quality, and industry standards.

    We take our reputation seriously, which is why we have strict controls regarding authorized communication among Powerling staff, vendors, and clients.

    We respect others and refrain from discrimination based on a person’s gender, age, nationality, physical disability, color, race, social status, religion, or political opinions.