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Translator Network

We have 14 in-house translators and a network of over 1,600 freelance translators specialized in technical domains.

Powerling selects its translators on the basis of their educational and professional background, experience and references and does not deploy any new translators until they have managed to convince Powerling that they can reliably supply translations of the highest quality.

Translators must pass a rigorous test to be allowed to work with our company. Once they have been approved, their translations undergo systematic peer assessment. All assessments are recorded in our computerized workflow, thus keeping it strictly up-to-date.

All our translators:

  • Have a Master degree or equivalent
  • Translate into their mother tongue and in most cases live in their native country
  • Have strict areas of specialization (i.e. legal, medical, etc.)
  • Have been selected, tested and ranked by our Sourcing Manager
  • Follow the rules of our certification “Certitrad” by “Veritas” (based on EN15038)

Some of our translators, both in-house and freelance, write blog articles on behalf of Powerling.

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