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Life is an adventure! for some of us an expression of our dreams. My friend Alban, Alexandre and Rich are definitively a reference of a mix of dream, vision and entrepreneurship!

Pierrick, CEO of Powerling


POWERLING is proud to support our friends and their adventures.

    The Vendée Globe: Powerling support Rich Wilson and SitesAlive

    Why competing in another race around the Globe at age 66 when you have already completed one?

    When sailing connects with education, this is the story of Rich Wilson.

    In the 70’ and 80’ Harvard, MIT, Harvard business School, mASS. maritime Academy maths teacher in Boston, defence analyst in Washington and consultant for a desalination plant in Saudi Arabia, among others.

    A successful sailor and an inspiring man: Rich suffers from severe asthma and needs to use 4 drugs daily

    and an incredible teacher: in 1990, he decided to use sailing as an educational tool teaching children and therefore created sitesALIVE! Foundation.



    Vaux le Vicomte Château: Powerling support and is astonished by the work done by the Volgüé family

    Alfred Sommier’s great-grandson, Patrice de Vogüé opened the estate to the public in 1968.  He is a tireless advocate of 17th century decorative arts and regards his home as an example of their apex. His wife Cristinacreated a souvenir shop, considered one of the most beautiful château gift stores in France, and opened the restaurant le Relais de l’Ecureuil in 1985.

    The Vogüé family also created a non-profit foundation, “L’Association des Amis de Vaux-le-Vicomte” in 1983 as a fundraising vehicle for the restoration and preservation of this world-class treasure.

    Ascanio, Jean-Charles and Alexandre de Vogüé, the fifth generation. Since 2012, the fifth generation of the Sommier family continues its stewardship of Vaux-le-Vicomte, with a mission to further its visibility and influence both in France and internationally.



    In the United States and around the world, more that 45 million people are suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Within 35 years we can anticipate some 130 million worldwide living with dementia. Stress, agitation, and sleep disorders are all a problematic part of the dementia syndrome

    To reduce such problematic circumstances that are most common in the intermediate and later stages of this disease, and reduce classical chemical consumption, certain palliative care practices have emerged, ranging from exercise, to music, to art therapy and innovative cognitive-behavioral interventions. All aim to improve the quality of day-to-day life for dementia suffers and their caregivers, who also need relief from the crushing burdens of these debilitating, progressive illnesses.

    Of these palliative care practices one of the most promising, Memory Lane, is designed to stimulate an individual's memories and to reduce the disease's associated stress and agitation through the application of an integrated program of multi-sensory stimulation and planned caregiver engagement.

    The Memory Lane subscription service delivers a multi-media, multi-sensory program that includes music and sound stimulation, video imaging, archival film footage, interactive photography and simulated concurrent aromas delivered in multiple olfactory formats.


Thanks to the dedicated Powerling Team. Your support and professionalism give me the chance to spread my message all over the world.

Rich Wilson

Je suis très touché par tes différentes attentions et je ne sais quoi dire que  MERCI !!                                           La traduction étant un sujet important à Vaux, ton mécénat de compétence et ton implication à nous aider aux Etats-Unis nous touche énormément.                             Amicalement.

Alexandre de Vogüé

Tu crois dans notre aventure qui est si importante pour le bien-être de tous. Votre mécénat et le soutien de ton équipe va au-delà de nos espérances !

Alban Maino