Unlike translators who work with written communication, interpreters translate the spoken word authentically into various languages.

In a multilingual environment, this requires in-depth knowledge not only of the languages, but also of the cultures represented. Interpreters strive to make multilingual meetings flow smoothly, as if everyone were speaking the same language.


Powerling has in-depth experience interpreting throughout the European Union. Interpreters have at least five years of experience in their specialty fields and are fluent in both source- and target language. We select our interpreters based on their knowledge of language and culture as well as their listening, comprehension, and formulation skills.

    Powerling can handle any type of interpreting need, from conducting two-way translation to indirect interpreting using intermediary languages. On average, we manage more than 100 interpreting assignments each year in approximately 15 languages.


    • Simultaneous interpretation means interpreting speech as it is delivered: the interpreter is in a booth, translating as the orator speaks. The audience hears the translation through headsets.
    • Consecutive interpretation means interpreting a speech one segment at a time, with the interpreter speaking immediately after the orator. The interpreter works in direct contact with the audience and refers to notes taken during the speech.
    • Liaison interpretation, or whispering, is used in more confidential settings, for example during in-house meetings or tricky negotiations.


    Major international meetings involve the creation of a written transcription of what was said and done. We can take care of that for you.


    • Technical Requirements Let us know which and how many languages you want recorded. Plan for simultaneous interpretation with translation booths. Recording with a TourGuide system can prove hard to implement, with no quality guarantee.
    • Human Requirement Interpreting requires highly-skilled professionals; if the work of interpreters is going to be recorded, they have to agree to it ahead of time. It is thus necessary to look for this information as early as possible before organizing the service. Additionally, providing as many preparation documents as possible (presentations, glossary etc.) is essential if the session is recorded, especially when technical topics are involved.
    • Costs  Extra equipment fees can be expected depending on the number of languages recorded. In general, interpreters increase their fee accordingly (about 10%).We take care of all the technical aspects of the recording part. Recordings are delivered in a CD-R or in a digital format within 2 to 3 business days.

    Powerling can provide interpreting equipment based on the scale of the event and number of people attending. We choose whatever technology will be most effective in making your event a succes, whether it's portable radio devices, infrared interpreting equipment, multimedia overhead projectors, screens, audio systems, wireless microphones, LCD screens, or audio/video recording equipment. 

    Learn more about the specific types of interpreting equipment we use.


    Bidule System
    The HDE 2020-D-US stethoset TourGuide receiver is a comfortable solution to hear information emitted via the digital Tourguide System 2020-D. This unique device integrates the receiver and headphones and delivers a number of advantages, namely:

    The audience carries only the necessary equipment:

    • No tangle of cables (one piece device)
    • Powerful battery lasting up to 8 hours
    • A reactive stethoset receiver that automatically deactivates itself the moment that it is taken off, thereby preserving battery life
    • Easy control of volume by each individual
    • A clear LC display confirming volume, battery status, quality of reception, and the channel to which it is tuned
    • Easy adjustment of channels
    • Wide range of reception, stretching appoximately 165 feet for outdoor events and 80 feet indoors

    Additionally, the GZR 2020 TourGuide comes in a convenent trolley that facilitates transport and charging of the device, and can be used multiple ways. For example, the trolley can be used with a handgrip clamp on the boot and the handle can be adjusted to two different lengths (35 inches or 38 inches). When closed, the trolley is not longer than the charging case, and the case can easily be turned off.


    Mobile Conference Equipment
    The SDC 8200 is an entirely digital full conference system that has set new standards in professional conference equipment. Simple to set up and dismantle, the SDC 8200 can be easily extended to meet the needs of larger rooms. The conference terminals are connected in series and linked to the central unit, which are configured with their own software. Up to 1,024 participants can tune into different units. 

    SDC 8200 is a more sophisticated configuration, with a voting system, messaging, and simultaneous interpreting into several different languages. It can even be used with audiovisual equipment. With an external audio system for an audience and automated camera steering, the central unit offers all input and output possibilities. Three types of units are available for participants and moderators, with functions for speakers to take the floor, voting for one of three or five choices, simultaneous interpreting, and badge reading. The system is controlled by a set of applications that ensures the smooth flow of your event. 


    Interpreting in a Booth (Double or Triple)

    When the facilities are not fitted with simultaneous interpreter booths, mobile units can be set up. These are fully soundproofed, ventilated, and compliant with European standards. Powerling can install up to 20 double or triple booths on request. We set up infrared digital or analog equipment and supply the headsets for the audience. These are lightweight and have buttons to easily adjust the volume and choose the translation channel.