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WebBased LookUp

WebBased LookUp

What is the WebBased Lookup?

WebBased LookUp is an online platform, which allows a user to search for the translation of a term, segment or sentence from their companies’ own Terminology Database (TB) and Translation Memory (TM). The search results provide not only the translation, but also the subject matter and context of the document in which the word is found.

The user experience is easy and intuitive, as users navigate in a format like a multilingual online dictionary.

Enjoy a higher ROI from your translation memory and terminology database!

Why use WebBased LookUp?

  • Develop a true "Corporate Language Identity” that will strengthen your company’s image.
  • Improve communication among cross-cultural teams by avoiding mistakes and misunderstandings around language.
  • Produce more consistent content and reduce cost of future translations.

How it works:

  • The WebBased LookUp search function is restricted to the client’s translation memory and terminology database.
  • Wherever a user has Internet access, they can access their WebBased LookUp using their personal user name and password.
  • You just need to login, select the source and target language(s) and click search to get a comprehensive answer to your query immediately.

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