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XML Format

Maintaining a localized commercial website is not as complicated as you might think. However, keeping a multilingual website fully updated in real time can be far more challenging.

Powerling can help. We use XML format to help simplify matters. With it, your content management system can send material that needs to be translated—product fact sheets, web pages, etc.—straight to our server. Our selected translators receive instant notification of your request and perform the translation online. Once they have finished, the translations are automatically sent to your database for publication.

With XML format, you no longer have to worry about sending emails, copying and pasting (a common source of errors), and websites working at different speeds. Powerling takes care of everything so you can concentrate on your core business.


Faster Turnaround

faster turnaround The XML format prevents countless hours of post production, transfers, and manual inputs, allowing for real-time updates of your multilingual content.

Better return on investment

better return on investment The price breakdown will show a focus in expert translations without continuous added costs for layout and project management.

Fewer errors

fewer errors The localization of your files is more secure: no more errors relating to ‘copy and paste’, sending emails, or the manipulation of layouts.